Ni-Cd BT-905 Equivalent Rechargeable Battery for some Uniden phones

Ni-Cd BT-905 Equivalent Rechargeable Battery for some Uniden phones
Item# H-GN-3AACP-10
$6.00, 2/$11.50

Product Description

Ni-Cd BT-905 Equivalent Rechargeable Battery for some Uniden phones
  • Chemistry: Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
  • Capacity: 700mAh
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Composed of: 3 AA batteries shrink-wrapped with plug

Equivalent to Uniden cordless phone batteries BT-905, BT-1006, BT-800, 24148, BBTY0300001, BBTY0444001, BBTY0449001, BBTY0623001

Compatible with Uniden cordless phones as well as other models:

AE255, CDU5160, CEZAI998, CP355, CXAI5198, CXAI5698, DXA6505, DXAI3288, DXAI388, DXAI3882, DXAI4288, DXAI4588, DXAI5188, DXAI51882, DXAI5588, DXAI7288, DXAI72882, DXI3286, DXI32862, DXI386, DXI3862, DXI4286, DXI42862, DXI4561, DXI5186, DXI51862, DXI5586, DXI55862, DXI7286, DXI72862, DXI986, DXI9862, EHD1200, EP200, ET929, EWCI936, EX1960, EX1980, EX2100, EX255, EX3101, EX3102, EX3800, EX3810, EX4100, EX4101, EX4102, EX4800, EX905, EX925, EX945, EX965, EXA2245, EXA2850, EXA2950, EXA2955, EXA3245, EXA3955, EXA5180, EXA6950, EXA7250, EXA7950, EXA8955, EXA915, EXA918, EXA950, EXAI2248, EXAI2248I, EXAI2980, EXAI3248, EXAI3248I, EXAI378, EXAI398, EXAI3985, EXAI4248, EXAI42482, EXAI4580, EXAI4581, EXAI5180, EXAI5580, EXAI5680, EXAI6980, EXAI7248, EXAI7248I, EXAI7980, EXAI8985, EXAI8985HS, EXAI918, EXAI918I, EXAI978, EXAI978I, EXAI980, EXAI985HS, EXI2246, EXI2926, EXI2960, EXI2965, EXI3226, EXI3246, EXI376, EXI386, EXI3965, EXI4246, EXI4246C, EXI4560, EXI4561, EXI5160, EXI5560, EXI5660, EXI6960, EXI7246, EXI7246C, EXI7926, EXI7960, EXI8600A, EXI8965, EXI8966, EXI916, EXI917, EXI960, EXI975, EXI976, EXL8900, EXL8901, EXL8945, EXLA8950, EXLI8962, EXP2240, EXP2241, EXP2243, EXP2800, EXP2900, EXP2901, EXP2903, EXP2905, EXP3240, EXP3241, EXP4240, EXP4241, EXP6900, EXP7240, EXP7241, EXP7900, EXP7901, EXP7902, EXP7903, EXP7904, EXP8000A, EXP91, EXP92, EXP920, EXP93, EXP97, EXS2010, EXS2050, EXS2060, EXS2080, EXS9005, EXT1160, EXT1165, EXT1265, EXT1365, EXT1760, EXT1865, EXT3165, EXV990, EZI996, TRU241, TRU246, TRU248, TRU341, TRU3455, TRU346, TRU3465, TRU3466, TRU348, TRU3485, TRU546, TRU548, XE895, XE8950, XE965, XE985