Ni-MH P504PA Equivalent Rechargeable Battery for some Panasonic phones

Ni-MH P504PA Equivalent Rechargeable Battery for some Panasonic phones
Item# H-MH-3AACP-11
$7.50, 2/$14.50

Product Description

Ni-MH P504PA Equivalent Rechargeable Battery for some Panasonic phones
  • Chemistry: Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Composed of: 3 AA batteries shrink-wrapped with plug

Equivalent to Panasonic cordless phone batteries P-P501A, P-P504PA, HHR-P505A, TYPE1, and TYPE11

Compatible with Panasonic cordless phones as well as other models:

433805, 433806, 433807, 433810, 433812, 433813, 433814, 433817, 433818, 433820, 433821, 433823, 433827, 433856, 433857, 435518, 435519, 435520, 435521, 435522, 435820, 438006, 438013, 438535, 438545, ET1102, ET1103, ET1104, ET1107, ET1108, ET1109, ET1111, ET1112, ET1114, ET1118, ET1122, ET1123, ET1124, ET1125, ET1126, ET1128, ET1129, ET1703, ET1705, ET3501, ET3512, ET3513, ET3516, ET3530, ET599, ET681, ET683, ET684, ET686, ET687, ET688, ET916, ET917, ET918, ET920, ET925, ET926, ET929, GESPCF02, KCTC917HSB, KX1461, KX1468, KX1484, KX1486, KX1500, KX1501, KX1502, KX165, KX166, KX2122, KX2130, KX943, KX944, KX947, KXA36, KXFPC135, KXFPC141, KXFPC161, KXFPC165, KXFPC166, KXFPC91, KXFPC95, KXFPC96, KXT3285, KXT3380, KXT3815, KXT3825, KXT3831, KXT3835, KXT3842, KXT3845, KXT3856, KXT3880, KXT3880R, KXT3900, KXT3900R, KXT800, KXT8000, KXTC1400, KXTC1401, KXTC1402, KXTC1403, KXTC1410, KXTC1430, KXTC1431, KXTC1447, KXTC1450, KXTC1451, KXTC1457, KXTC1460, KXTC1461, KXTC1468, KXTC1481, KXTC1484, KXTC1486, KXTC1493, KXTC1500, KXTC1501, KXTC1502, KXTC1503, KXTC1507, KXTC1520, KXTC1696, KXTC1700, KXTC1701, KXTC1703, KXTC1710, KXTC1711, KXTC1713, KXTC1720, KXTC1721, KXTC1722, KXTC1723, KXTC1731, KXTC1733, KXTC1740, KXTC1740B, KXTC1741, KXTC1743, KXTC1750, KXTC1800, KXTC1848, KXTC1850, KXTC1867, KXTC1870, KXTC1890, KXTC901, KXTC901B, KXTC904, KXTC907, KXTC911, KXTC917HSB, KXTC933, KXTC934, KXTC935, KXTC943, KXTC955RUB, KXTC9568XB, KXTC956RUB, KXTC9768XB, KXTC976RUB, KXTCA8, KXTCL100, KXTCM939, KXTCM941, KXTCM943, KXTCM944, KXTCM947, KXTG2120, KXTG2122, KXTG2130, PP501, PP504, PQP504SVC, PQP60AAF3G2, PQWBTC1461M, PQXA36SVC, TYPE1, TYPE11, VA7020